Precision Tubular Laser Machining

  • Aduro typically manufactures a wide variety of parts, including neurovascular and cardiovascular stents and catheters, medical robotic device components, and more. The possibilities are endless. For examples of part types, [LEARN MORE HERE].


  • neurovascular stents,  neurovascular micro catheters, neuro deployment mechanisms, cardiovascular stents, cardiovascular catheters, peripheral stents, peripheral catheters, medical robotic device components, heart valve placement tools, heart valve components, aortic aneurism catheters and devices, cardiovascular filtering devices, ENT devices and components, heart assist pump components, orthopedic fixation devices,   pulmonary access catheters , pulmonary implants, electrosurgical components, cauterizing attachments, intravascular imaging devices and catheters, endoscopic tools, esophageal devices, closure devices and components, bone screw driver components, electrophysiology components, torque able high speed driveshaft, steerable catheters, cardiovascular occlusion crossing device components, ocular surgical tools and implants


  • Typical curf width of .001”


  • Wall thickness from .0007” to .050”


  • Tolerances typically controlled to +/- .0002”




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